Bloodline suggestion thread

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Bloodline suggestion thread

Post  Ekorren on Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:50 pm

Suggest your own bloodline limits here:

Write the name of your bloodline limit, its background story and how it manifests itself.

If your bloodline limit is interesting enough, it might be added to the RPG. You don't have to be specific about the exact game mechanics of the bloodline limit. I'll take the liberty to change whatever I want about it, from description to name.

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Re: Bloodline suggestion thread

Post  Itachifreed on Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:14 pm


I'll go with a bloodline from another RPG:

Bloodline name: Chakra weapons (plz find better name o.o)


Description: The user simply uses his/her imagination together with their bloodline to create a kind of weapon made of chakra. The bloodline can come in many forms and what fighting style your character will use depends on his bloodline. Though the bloodline will hurt the user if used too much.

Example: Surudoi Nagashi is a close range fighter with extreme power. His bloodline is a giant axe.

Grades: This bloodline have different levels. Level one is the most basic and will allow the user to attack with the bloodline The user will not have much pain when using..

level two is bout the same but you can now use easier Clan techs thats C - rank or lower. This level hurts the user a bit more than level 1.

Level three is stronger than level two and it hurts more. It also enables Clantechs up to B - rank. It hurts the user more than level two.

Level four is Even stronger than level three. It enables Clantechs up to A - rank. It hurts the user a lot.

Level five is the final level. If you use it you are most cerrtain to die. It enables the final Tech in your version of the bloodline.

So Surudoi Nagashi uses bloodline limit Axe/polearm. Hes currently using level three in bloodline which is two axes.

He can hit the enemy 25 times until his arms get too hurt and he cant control chakra.


EDIT: Ill write bout the clan later when i know what villages to be in ;P

EDIT2: Ill write background later ;P

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Re: Bloodline suggestion thread

Post  Kagudo Kaoinshi on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:30 pm

Bloodline name: chisui: akushoushinseibutsu (flood control: malignant growth)

Clan: Kagudo

Description: The user manipulates growth in another persons body cells. Effectively creating a fast-forward cancerous growth that can inhibit normal body control(creating cancer in muscle tissue), normal organ functions(creating cancer in vital organs), and with subtle manipulation set up a time-lapse control/countdown that creates a cancerous growth after a set time has gone by(setting it up to grow slow or fast at users discression, ending with the victims advanced assassination technique).
This is a nasty kekkei genkai. Also very difficult to master.

Background: I will fill this later, I just wanted to write down the preliminary idea while I remembered it. Was thinking Kirigakure as clan base.


Kagudo Kaoinshi

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Re: Bloodline suggestion thread

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