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Jutsu system preview

Post  Ekorren on Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:40 pm

I tried to come up with a logical and simple way to handle jutsu. All jutsu are unique in a way since they require different forms of chakra control and they manifest in spectacular ways. I tried to figure out how jutsu are used and then construct a system around it. This is how it looks in the current draft.

Every character has a Genjutsu value, calculated through one's Manipulation, Empathy, Perception and Spirit values. As for my own alpha character, Izumi Endo of the Hidden Mist, I start out with Genjutsu 7, giving me a total dice pool of seven D10 whenever I will roll for a Genjutsu attack. All characters start out with some basic jutsu: Genjutsu 3-5 = 1 Genjutsu, Genjutsu 6-8 = 2 Genjutsu and Genjutsu 9+ = 3 Genjutsu. After this, the character can learn more through training time and XP costs. Because of his Genjutsu value of 7, he can learn up to C-rank Genjutsu, and he will start with two at his disposal plus the free Academy jutsu (Genjutsu: Release and one sense-trigger). The Genjutsu he has at his arsenal are Mist Servant and False Surroundings, but I will take Tree Binding Death as the example to describe how Genjutsu currently works.

Type describes the rank of the jutsu (B-rank means that you need at least Genjutsu 9 to learn it), what kind of jutsu it is (Genjutsu) and that it is Subtle (Subtle Genjutsu can't be dodged while Obvious can).

The Complexity value indicates the least amount of Chakra Control (CC) which is needed to master this jutsu. CC is calculated through Awareness, Intuition, Stamina, Determination and Spirit. Izumi Endo has CC 6 (which is an ordinary number for Genjutsu type shinobi when they start out) which is the required number to learn this jutsu.

Hand seals means two things: the Speed required to prepare a jutsu before you can pull it off (Izumi Endo has Speed 8 and can easily prepare the jutsu in one round and pull it off the next. Would his Speed be twice the number of hand seals required, he would prepare and pull it off the same round). The use of hand seals also mean that you can't prepare a jutsu if you have stuff in your hands, such as weapons.

Sense-trigger is a technique used to target someone's senses. Every ninja start out with one sense-trigger and can later learn more. Izumi's is voice-triggered, meaning that the target must hear his voice to fall into his Genjutsu. Some Genjutsu require specific types of sense-triggers, such as for Phantom Sound Chains which require a flute.

Effect explains the actual manifestation of the jutsu. Izumi will roll his Genjutsu value (let's assume it's 9 which is required for B-rank Genjutsu). He rolls nine D10 and compare the result to the Complexity (6). If the outcome of the jutsu changes depending on the result of the roll, that is explained in Chakra control. If we assume that Izumi roll 5 successes, which is one lower than the jutsu's Complexity, his control isn't perfected and he will waste more chakra. The chakra cost will then be 13 CP (chakra points) instead of 10 because 3 is half of Izumi's CC value. Would he instead roll higher than 6, he would only spend 7 CP (10-3=7). Complicated? The idea behind this rule is that when you get stronger as a shinobi, you'll be able to pull off jutsu with more precise control and won't spend as much chakra in the process.

I explain this in more detail in the jutsu chapter. If you have any questions about this system, you may ask them in this thread.

I may add that there are different ways to break Genjutsu when hit with it. An Obvious Genjutsu may be dodged if a target can roll his/her MDV (mental dodge value) higher than the amount of successes from the caster's Genjutsu value. If the dodge doesn't work, the target may try either Genjutsu: Release which is equal to the MDV roll but you will roll your CC value instead (this can be done to break through Subtle Genjutsu after seeing through them). If none of this work, you may try self-inflicted pain.

When refering to Ninjutsu, there are two different values: NEC and NSC (Ninjutsu: Elemental Composition and Ninjutsu: Shape Composition). The average value of both is called a Ninjutsu value. Some jutsu require Ninjutsu rolls, other require either NEC or NSC rolls. There are even Ninjutsu requiring CC rolls. The idea about Ninjutsu is that they will define your character. You won't have too many of them and those you have will feel unique and characteristic. If you read the descriptions of each jutsu carefully, you'll find unqiue uses for them.

I will use a Ninjutsu familiar to all of you when describing the current state of Ninjutsu in the early drafts:

Lightning: Chidori is a good example of a jutsu that will scale with your character's progress. If you know this jutsu and have a Ninjutsu value of 12 (which is basic for A-rank jutsu), you will deal 2D L (lethal damage) per success on said roll. If you roll 8 successes, the attack will be very lethal with a damage value of 24 D10 (since 8 is higher than its Complexity, it will deal 3D L per success), it would also remain manifested in your palm for 8 rounds and you must manage to approach and jab your target before those 8 rounds are over.

The attack can very well be a one shot-one kill jutsu as long as the target doesn't manage to evade or counterattack you before the duration of the jutsu is over. In addition to this, the jutsu requires 20 chakra points to use (plus or minus depending on the outcome of the Ninjutsu roll). Remember though that only one success is enough to make this jutsu manifest itself, though it would only deal 2D L damage upon impact.

I'm aware this is a lot of information in one post and it might seem complicated, but it's a very easy to learn and easy to understand system once you read the core ruleset.

There is also a way of boosting jutsu power or reducing their Complexity through elemental weaknesses, collaboration jutsu and elements in nature, but that may be a topic for a future post.

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