The current progression status

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The current progression status

Post  Ekorren on Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:28 pm

The core book is probably about 1/3 complete now but only about half way to a playable alpha version. Nothing is final at the moment but the aim is to keep it simple and then update it with upcoming patches. The current table of contents contain an introduction, the character sheet as well as eleven chapters.

Introduction: 90%
The introduction could be considered complete at a current state but I'd like to fill out the chapter with some more information about the RPG and the Narutoverse. This isn't a priority for the first alpha draft though.

1. Character creation: 90%
Only needs balancing and a wider variety of backgrounds, characteristics and specalties to choose from. The archetypes classes will also be completed with pre-sets of jutsu etc. for players who want some advise how to create their characters.

2. Equipment and wealth: 0%
I haven't started writing this chapter yet. It will contain a list of weapons, common ninja equipment as well as information about economy and wealth.

3. Combat: 10%
The combat system itself is pretty much completed. However, the chapter need to be fleshed out with material to help learn the system. I teach myself a lot while writing it as well, noticing what works, what doesn't and what is too complicated. You could say that there's a general concept of combat which is far from perfected. It works but will need some testing and is subject to change during the time of alpha release.

4. Damage and healing: 0%
I haven't started writing this chapter yet either, but I'm happy with the concept. The damaging and healing system works and I'm happy with how Trauma Damage turned out in terms of game mechanics. I just need to put some structure to the concept.

5. The ninja world: 15%
This is a low priority chapter for now but it's fun to write. This chapter basically takes the Narutoverse into account, describing lands and ninja villages as well as fleshing it out with custom material. It's not needed to playtest the game as long as the testers are familiar with the Narutoverse, but it will bring a lot of new things to the Narutoverse which hopefully will be accepted as RPG lore.

6. Chakra: 80%
I'm very happy with the jutsu chapter. It's simple to learn but difficult to master. It also takes the most important aspects of ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu in account. The list of jutsu is also very wide (even longer counting special jutsu you'll find in following chapters). It's a very long chapter and I'm currently working on putting the last dozen jutsu into the chapter before I'll be properly working on the taijutsu part.

7. Bloodlines: 40%
This chapter has information about bloodlines, their jutsu and important aspects about role-playing such a character. I'm listing the known bloodlines from the Narutoverse into the chapter and filling them with filler and custom jutsu to flesh them out enough to be compelling. The estimated number of 40% is compared to the total list of known bloodlines in the Narutoverse and those I have already implemented. It will be fleshed out with many more, but they aren't needed for release.

8. Ninja clans: 40%
This is the same as with the bloodlines chapter and I don't need to explain it further. I'm writing both chapters together and they have basically the same structure to be easy to read.

9. Mutations and modifications: 0%
I haven't started with this chapter yet but it will take into account body modifications and special mutations, much like what you see coming from the Hidden Sound and Orochimaru's experiments. This will most likely be added at a later date after the system has been tested.

10. Summoning: 0%
This chapter will take into account many different animal families, how to use them and learn from them, how to get your animal contract as well as individual sage modes for each animal (the system will modify your sage mode depending on your animal contract).

11. Campaigns: 0%
This chapter will probably be the last one I write before release. It will describe in detail what to think about when creating a campaign, sending the players on missions and how to give them a realistic opposition. It will also have a complete and playable campaign ready for testing which will be set in the Ch√Ľnin exams. Groups should be able to use this as a guide to see if the players will manage to get through the exams. The concept will be oriented around the one seen in the original series.

Character sheet: 98%
The sheet is pretty much ready. It just needs a better looking design.

The first alpha draft will contain chapter 1-8 as well as chapter 11. Chapter 9 and 10 will be included at a later date.

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