List of nations/villages/landmarks in the RPG

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List of nations/villages/landmarks in the RPG

Post  Ekorren on Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:22 pm

Land of Fire

Fire Temple.

Hidden Leaf Village.

Ruins of Soraku City (filler content and name for an already existing town): Supposed to be the ruined city with Nekobaa's shop. I gave it the name Soraku (Sky Area or something in Japanese) based on the sign Hebi/Taka passed on their way in. Dunno if this was supposed to be the city itself or an area of the city. Took the name anyway. The custom lore I wrote about it is that it was currently one of the Land of Fire's biggest cities but suffered during the Third Great Shinobi World War. Being close to the border, it couldn't recover like the inland did and it's mostly deserted now. It's thanks to the Uchiha Clan's financial support that Nekobaa could remain in the city with her shop.

Sakana Village (completely custom made village): A small fishing village at the southern coastline. Famous for it's popular sushi restaurant.

Shukuba Town (the town where Naruto first encountered Itachi)

Tanzaku Town (the town where Naruto met Tsunade)

Valley of the End.

Land of Water

Hidden Mist Village.

More will be added as they are written to the core book...

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