Naruto d20? No? Why a new RPG?

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Naruto d20? No? Why a new RPG?

Post  Ekorren on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:24 am

I've had the idea for this project for a while now. From long before I even heard of the Naruto d20 system. The Naruto universe is a fleshed out world with intriguing story and even more potential. I wanted to role-play a ninja from this world. I started to pitch around the idea in a few manga forums about creating a ruleset for this RPG and while some supported the idea, others showed me the Naruto d20 system. It was an already completed system based on the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system, encouraged to use by its crew. I never played D&D much myself, and neither am I too familiar with the d20 system. All I know is that I don't feel very comfortable with it since I've grown up with Swedish RPG systems and later White Wolf's (which I love). I started working on my own Naruto RPG system, very similiar to White Wolf's but with a few differences. The idea is not to create something better than Naruto d20 (I need lots of time and determination to even come close to that). The idea is to create something different; a unique system which will feel realistic yet balanced. However, since it's this early in production, the balancing part will need some help.

The system is based around successes. The better you are at a skill, the more dices (d10) you will roll. If a dice shows 7-9, it's a success. If it shows 0, you can choose to count it as a success or to switch it for two new dices. Would you, on the other hand, roll a 1, you will butch on the roll, and without successes to balance it out, the roll will fail. It's a very simple system for players who like to roll a lot of dices. The drawback is that it needs a lot of dices. Personally I have a set of ten d10 dices which I, when necessary, roll multiple times if more dices are necessary.

The game also introduces a new form of damage, called Trauma Damage, which is mostly used for Genjutsu attacks. This type of damage can't kill the target, but can easily leave it incapacitated. As for physical damage, it is calculated through Bashing Damage or Lethal Damage, the latter being more dangerous and slower to heal.

Another system is the one created for jutsu. There is one value which is especially important: Chakra Control (CC). This value calculates your training time needed for learning new jutsu, which jutsu you can learn and how well you can perform those jutsu. Every jutsu has a Complexity, and your CC must be equal to or higher than a jutsu's Complexity for you to learn that jutsu. Different jutsu require different rolls but the Complexity value is what all jutsu rolls will be compared to. If you roll higher than a jutsu's Complexity it will manifest in an improved and more amazing form. A preview of the jutsu system will be published soon. It contains quite a lot of bugs at the moment.

The Naruto universe itself will be designed to take place with all storylines from the manga rendered nil. The best time for this is between the Third Great Ninja World War and the time of the Kyubi attack. Important figures in the world are still alive and places are still intact. Of course the GM and the game group may decide together what timeline to use for their own campaigns, but the book's own focus is that you can play any clan (canon or custom), any kekkei genkai, from any village and experience any foe. This with even more freedom. Maybe you want the unique Rinnegan or maybe you're an Uchiha, working for the police force, but still want to unlock Mangekyo Sharingan. It's possible, if the GM allows you to. Even many of the anime filler clans and jutsu are in the system, such as Guren's Crystal Style kekkei genkai. The goal is to give you as much freedom as possible.

However, the Naruto universe hasn't answered all our questions yet and this game takes the liberty to tweak unanswered questions into what works as a balanced game system. There are ninja villages without much information. This game has customized clans, jutsu and stories for those places. If you like the game, you may suggest your own clans and kekkei genkai to be added to the system. Have you ever thought about if there are more sage modes for different animal contracts? Even if there are not, this game will take that into account. So even if you have a contract with snakes or slugs, you might learn to use natural chakra if you're skilled enough. While we leave you possibilities, it's up to your GM to decide what he/she wants to keep in your own campaigns.

Next time, a sneakpeak of the jutsu system.

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